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Thirty Minutes With Karl Lagerfeld -

WmagazineにアップされているKarl Lagerfeldのインタビューが面白かったので、一部抜粋してご紹介。

What are your thoughts on Dior? Who should take over?
Well I'm not a consultant there, but I think Riccardo Tisci would be good, and then Haider Ackermann at Givenchy - not because they are friends of mine, but because they are good.

But I read that you wanted Haider to succeed you at Chanel?
Not especially. It's not his world I don't think.

What about Balmain?
Forget about it! This was a job done by a fashion editor. I don't even know the name of the man who did it, so don't ask me about that.

Diorのデザイナー後任問題に関しては、Riccardo Tisciが良さそうと考えているようですね。GivenchyにはHaider Ackermannの名前が出されていますがどうでしょうか。
そして個人的にとても面白かったのがBalmainについての質問に対するKarl Lagerfeldの回答。そういう風にカールは見ていたのね、といった感じです。彼の指摘は的を射ていると思いますけれど。

You've famously worn Dior Homme, Tom Ford. What menswear designers do you like now?
Tom Ford is not as good on me as younger men. And you know why? Because I wore the same kind of clothes thirty years ago - Italian-made by Caraceni. I love the way Tom Ford suits are made. They're chic; they're elegant. But on my younger entourage, they look better than on me. I wear Dior Homme - my old Hedi Slimane suits. The ones they do today, too, as long as they don't get too flou. And a little Lanvin. I used to love Margiela, but it's not him anymore and it shows a little. I used to buy quite a lot of Japanese labels, too, like Undercover and Number (N)ine, but that one disappeared. Mister Hollywood does well-made clothes. You know, I hate made-by-order clothes. It's up to me to fit into them, not to buy some orthopedic stuff to get the body into. I never had one button touched on a Dior suit. Size 48 is my perfect size. In the past you had to do fittings because there was nothing really good. But when I went to Caraceni thirty years ago, there was one fitter for waistcoat, one for jacket, one for pants - it took hours. You needed three months to get the clothes. No, no, no. I like things immediately.

UndercoverやNumber (N) ine、Mister Hollywoodといった日本のブランドにも言及していますね。

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